Ingest Clean Data Into and Out of Airtable

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Julia Harold
September 22, 2022

Now Ingest Clean Data Into (and Out of) Airtable

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing the power of Osmos to your Airtable Workspace. It’s now easier than ever to move clean data in and out of Airtable. 

Airtable is a platform combining the features of a database to an easily accessible spreadsheet view that helps teams connect and organize information to drive projects and processes. Get started with our Airtable Connector to:

  • Visualize and organize your data in Airtable
  • Power your application with Airtable data
  • Manage your operational processes and data relationships

Bring Clean, Customer Data into Airtable 

Airtable has a native data importer for uploading spreadsheets into your table. But with our new Airtable Connector, you can now ingest customer data from APIs, applications, databases, and even emails directly into your tables. 

Rest assured that the data will always be clean and properly formatted thanks to our no-code AI-powered data transformations.

  • AutoMap: Automatically map your data to align to Airtable’s schema
  • SmartFill: Parse and bulk edit data by giving a few examples to our AI engine
  • QuickFixes: Quickly reformat data with a touch of a button
  • Formulas: Use our spreadsheet-like Formulas for complex transformations
Airtable as a destination

Get Your Airtable Data Wherever You Need it

Ingest data from your Airtable Workspace into your operational systems with Osmos Pipelines. Use our Airtable Connector as a source to bring data where you need it in the right format. You can even automate this process, so you always ingest fresh data when you need it. 

Osmos’ AI-powered data transformations will ensure your outgoing Airtable data is aligned to the schema of your operational systems. Best of all, you can ingest clean data every time with our no-code data cleanup and quit wasting engineering resources.

Airtable as a source

Get Started with Osmos

It’s time to gain control of your customer data ingestion. If you and your team use Airtable, meet with us to see how you can bring in cleaner, fresher data today.

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