No-Code Data Transformation

Now you can extract, validate, and restructure data into an usable form without having to write code

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Powering Osmos products is a real-time, AI-powered data transformation engine that lets end users easily teach the system how to cleanup data

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Designed for end users

Empower your customers to send you clean data, every time

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Clean data with a few clicks

Transform data with only a few examples and formulas, no coding required.

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Built to handle large datasets

Handle millions of records and large file sizes to scale with your business needs.

Quickly map columns

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Column mapping is useful when the source data in a specific column doesn't need to be transformed or cleaned up, just mapped to a a destination column.
osmos column mapping
osmos quickfixes one-click, data-cleanup

Data Validators

Ensure incoming data is correctly formatted, mapped, and ready to use every time. Add advanced options like parameterized fields, dynamic dropdowns, and custom error messages.
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One-click, QuickFixes

QuickFixes are one-click, data-cleanup for most common scenarios. Plus, you can combine multiple QuickFixes to cleanup your data and resolve errors.
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osmos quickfixes one-click, data-cleanup
osmos quickfixes one-click, data-cleanup

AutoClean with examples

Provide a few examples of the desired output to teach our system to AutoClean the remaining cells in that column.
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Spreadsheet-like formulas

Formulas can be used to complete complex transforms on data from one or more input columns. We have several predefined formulas (such as CONCAT, DATE, ADD, IF, IFERROR etc.) that can be used together.
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Osmos automates the schema mapping. Big fan!

“Our SaaS platform allows customers to understand their data- but we can only do that if we integrate and translate a very long tail of sources and schemas - a painful engineering challenge. Osmos’ bridges the integration gap and their AI even automates the schema mapping. Big fan!”

~Aaron White, CTO, @Blissfully

Bring in newer, cleaner, fresher external data