No-Code Data Transformation

Reduce the time and headaches of cleaning your customer’s data without writing code.

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Empower your end users to send you clean data, every time no matter their technical expertise.

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No custom scripts

Complex data cleanup made simple with only a few examples or formulas, no coding or PhDs required.

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Engineered for scale

No matter the size, shape, format, and frequency. We handle it all. And you control over how data is ingested.

Kiss manual data cleanup goodbye

No matter the size, shape, format, frequency, our source -
our AI-powered data transformation engine
is engineered to cleanup data without code.

Column mapping

Column mapping is useful when the source data in a specific column doesn't need to be transformed or cleaned up, just map to a destination column.
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osmos column mapping
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AutoMap columns

Our AI automatically detects and maps columns from source to destination making it easier and faster to upload data.
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Real-time data validations

With customizable validation rules in place, you can help detect input issues and throw errors with actionable steps for the end-user.

We support server-side and client-side validations.
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osmos data validations
osmos quickfixes one-click, data-cleanup

One-click data cleanup

QuickFix is one-click data cleanup for the most common scenarios.

Or, you can use AutoClean to clean data at the touch of a button.
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Simply parse data

Provide a few examples of the desired output to teach our AI how to parse strings in that column.
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osmos formulas for data cleanup

Spreadsheet-like formulas

Use formulas to complete complex transforms and parse data from one or more input columns.

We have several predefined formulas (such as CONCAT, DATE, ADD, IF, IFERROR etc.) that can be used together.
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Each upload gets easier and faster

We automatically recall how users previously cleaned and mapped data making each subsequent upload easier and faster!
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Osmos automates the schema mapping. Big fan!

“Our SaaS platform allows customers to understand their data, but we can only do that if we integrate and translate a very long tail of sources and schemas - a painful engineering challenge. Osmos’ bridges the integration gap and their AI even automates the schema mapping. Big fan!”

~Aaron White, CTO, @Blissfully

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