Tedious. Slow. Expensive.

These shouldn't be the words you use to describe how you handle external data. The Osmos External Data Platform streamlines how you work with external data and systems.

The headaches of working with messy external data

Across every industry, businesses operate on customer and third party data. The volumes, types, and shapes of data that need to be shared have grown exponentially.

But working with external data files and systems is tedious, slow, and expensive. Without a universal standard for exchanging data, companies importing external data from their customers, partners, and vendors are easily overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to turn it into usable, structured data on a recurring basis.

Companies struggle with duct-taped solutions involving a lot of project management, a hodgepodge of tools, custom glue code, and a ton of human time.

Despite software’s massive impact on our lives, there hasn't been a comprehensive end-to-end solution to simplify how companies work with external data.

Until now.

At Osmos, we believe no-code data cleanup empowers everyone and every business to handle messy external data no matter their technical ability. We've eliminated the headaches of ingesting external data by teaching our AI-powered data transformation engine how to automatically clean it, fit it into the right formats, and then send it where it needs to go.

We’re creating a better way for companies working with external data, but our ambitions are much larger. This is the beginning of a journey to becoming the “railroads” for inter-company data sharing.

We envision a future where every time you work with external data and systems, you use Osmos.
Osmos founders, Naresh Venkat (left) and Kirat Pandya (right)

"One of the biggest challenges is populating your product with your customer’s data as quickly as possible, so that they can use it and have that ‘aha’ moment. We solved this."

CEO Kirat Pandya, VentureBeat

Leadership Principles

dfThese are the operating principles we use to manage our day-to-day with. They also guide us on what to look for in new Gongsters we hire.
We act with integrity.

We do the right thing every time, even if it means we fail.

We are customer obsessed.

When we obsess over customers, we learn, collaborate, refine, and grow as a product and an organization, while keeping the customers happy. We never leave customers hanging.

We take ownership and are accountable.

We are a high caliber, results oriented team. We take ownership, commit, and execute with a long-term horizon in mind. We don’t leave things half-done. We take accountability and deliver to our commitments.

We are aware of our societal impact.

Our business doesn't exist in a vacuum. Our choices impact the society we live in. Shareholder value means little if our shareholders don't have a survivable planet and a stable, equitable society.

We thrive in our diversity.

We respect everyone's opinions and believe in everyone having a voice in the decisions we make - from office furniture to product strategy. If you have ideas, we want to hear it.

We dream big, act fast. We can-do.

Failure is ok. Aiming low is not. The path to success is usually one among hundreds of paths to failure. We focus on what we can do to stay on the golden path and don't let the cliffs on both sides scare us into inaction. Try repeatedly, fail fast.

We work as a team. No superheroes.

To achieve more, we work together and win together, as a team.

We are Osmonauts.

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