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Mosaic Empowers Customers to Import Clean Data Every Time

SaaS companies often have a wide range of customers that need to upload files. However, there is often no consistency in file format, fields, and values within the cells. With Osmos Uploader, Mosaic found a quick way to configure and embed a smart data uploader right into their application, while still being able to handle multiple data importing scenarios.

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Rahi Automates their Purchase Order Process

Ingesting external data from distributors and partners into operational systems is a tough and painful process. It’s a problem that is ubiquitous, persistent, and operationally very expensive and inefficient. Rahi’s engineering team quickly built no-code data pipelines to automate the painful data onboarding processes without writing a line of code.


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Automates the majority of schema mapping
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“Our SaaS platform allows customers to understand their data- but we can only do that if we integrate and translate a very long tail of sources and schemas - a painful engineering challenge. Osmos’ bridges the integration gap and their AI automates the majority of schema mapping. Big fan!”

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Aaron White

CTO, Blissfully
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6 hour data wrangling problem
now done in minutes
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"Osmos saved us over 60% on delivery costs with our largest clients by simply removing tedious copy-paste and manual data wrangling activities. Osmos Pipelines has become a strategic enabler of our global platform, making it easier to bring solutions to our customers, partners, and distributors."

matt robinson rahi systems

Matt Robinson

CTO, Rahi Systems
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100s of engineering hours saved
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"Osmos has been a great partner in our journey. The Osmos Uploader gives us all the features, validations, and customizations we need to provide our customers a delightful data importing experience, and I get the time back to focus on our core product."

nima Tayebi mosaic

Nima Tayebi

CTO, Mosaic

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