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Mosaic Empowers Customers to Import Clean Data Every Time

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JD Prater
December 6, 2021

Headquartered in New York City and launched in 2018, Mosaic is the first resource management software that enables real-time collaboration for planning work. Harnessing the power of AI and automation, Mosaic enables data-driven resource planning, reporting, and forecasting for project-based businesses. 

Through powerful integrations, Mosaic automatically gathers, organizes, and analyzes data to optimize who is working on what, when, and deliver complete business visibility in one intuitive interface. Mosaic rescues teams from clunky spreadsheets and provides greater visibility than traditional ERP software. We guarantee that we’ll boost productivity and profitability, and they provide a free 30-day trial today.

As CTO, Nima Tayebi enjoys working with Mosaic's super talented team to disrupt how businesses are managed with the power of AI.

Build Internal Tool vs Buy the Best Data Uploader

SaaS companies often have a wide range of customers that need to upload files. However, there is often no consistency in file format, fields, and values within the cells. And oftentimes that data needs to be validated before being accepted, which ends up taking a lot of engineering time to support.

For Mosaic, importing clean business data and financial data is mission critical. They needed a flexible solution that could adjust to different types of users. So they set off building a data importer tool to bring in disparate data sources from each customer. Based on the kinds of validations and customizations they needed, it was going to be a 9-12 month engineering roadmap. After a few months of work, they debated what to do next - keep working on the data importer to make it production ready for customers or partner with a solution provider.

Ultimately, they decided building a data importer tool was not part of Mosaic’s core business.

“We want to build the best resource management system possible, not the best data import tool,” said Nima.

Mosaic Needed Scalability and Customization

Based on their research, the leadership team connected with the Osmos product and vision of the founders. “We immediately saw the alignment on the goal. Instead of some third party tool we now have a second party tool.”

Nima Tayebi CTO of Mosaic quote

Scalability and customization were important factors in their decision. With Osmos Uploader, Mosaic found a quick way to configure and embed a smart data uploader right into their application, while still being able to handle multiple data importing scenarios.

Mosaic Saves Months Engineering Time by Not Building an Internal Data Importer

Osmos Uploader’s intuitive no-code data mapping and transformation makes it easy for Mosaic’s customers to upload their data to fit the required schema. With the additional in-path validations and AI-powered data transformation functionalities, Mosaic’s customers are empowered to send clean data every time.

  1. Faster time-to-value for their customers with less effort thanks to the Osmos Uploader AI-powered data transformation. Now Mosaic’s customers can self-import their data while scaling it to dozens of new customers per week.
  2. Months of engineering work saved by not building an internal data uploader. Integration and data engineering teams do not need to deal with messy customer data and our customers send us clean data every time.
  3. Delightful customer experience. With the customizable validation rules in place, the Osmos Uploader helps detect input issues and provides the correct error messages to act on before data is submitted.
"Osmos has been a great partner in our journey. Osmos Uploader gives us all the features we need to provide our end-users a delightful data importing experience, and I get the time back to focus on our core product." ~ Nima Tayebi, Mosaic CTO

The Mosaic leadership team is excited about this partnership with Osmos and looking forward to utilizing current and future products to make data imports a seamless customer experience. See how Osmos Uploader can accelerate your customer’s time-to-value, save you months of engineering work, and provide a delightful customer experience.

mosaic case study

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