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The most versatile data importer that you don't have to build

The simplest CSV upload experience for your messiest data.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Stop wasting prescious dev cycles to build yet another CSV importer

Data Transformation Pipeline

Data ingestion simplified

Data migrations are often complicated, needing to ingest multiple, large datasets that need transformation. The Osmos Uploader is built to solve complex data ingestion, so your teams can easily clean and ingest huge flat files of incoming data.

Self-serve enabled

Embed the Osmos Uploader to enable customers and partners to upload their spreadsheet data directly to your systems cleaned and ready to go at the touch of a button. We’ve made the data upload experience easy for end-users regardless of technical ability.
Self Serve Data Flow
Developer Trusted

Dev trusted

Get started with an autogenerated code snippet, so your business teams and end-users can independently ingest clean files into your end systems.
See how tech leaders use Osmos to do more with less.

Translating a very long tail of sources and schemas is a painful engineering challenge. Osmos bridges the gap and their AI automates the majority of the work.

Aaron White, CTO of Vendr

Aaron White
CTO, Vendr

Osmos helped us become at least 60% more efficient making this tax season less daunting for our implementation and engineering teams. And a lot smoother than the last one!

Meghan Nasta, Product Lead at TaxBit

Meghan Nasta
Product Lead

Osmos saved us over 60% on delivery costs simply removing manual data wrangling activities. Osmos makes it easier to bring solutions to our customers, partners, and distributors.

Matt Robinson, CTO of Rahi

Matt Robinson
CTO, Rahi

Osmos gives us all the features, validations, and customizations we need, and I get the time back to focus on our core product.

Nima Rad, CTO of Mosaic

Nima Rad
CTO, Mosaic

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