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Turn one-time data onboarding into automated data relationships

Equip your teams to import data directly into your operational systems in minutes, without writing code.

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Automate your data imports with no code data pipelines


Create pipelines in minutes

Pre-built connectors

Send data directly to your operational systems. New connectors added every week.

Clean data with clicks, not code

AI-powered data transformations

Validate and clean up messy data with a few examples and simple formulas. No coding required.
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batteries included

Built-in exception management feedback loop

Get notified, resolve errors, and maintain transformations with ease.
osmos built-in error resolution

schedule automatic runs

Set it and forget it

Automate recurring data imports by turning them into scheduled data pipelines.

Use Cases

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A martech company automates ingestion of campaign, online and offline transactions data, from their retail customers’ systems, into their data warehouse.

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An eCommerce company automates ingestion of product catalog data from multiple distributors and vendors.

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Supply Chain

A manufacturing customer ingests channel data sent as email attachments into their supply chain control tower.

Create No-Code, Data Pipelines in Minutes

Built for companies of all sizes

Providing our end-users a delightful data importing experience

"Osmos has been a great partner in our journey. Building an uploader for Mosaic with the kinds of validations and customizations we needed was going to be a 6-12 month engineering roadmap. Osmos Uploader gives us all the features we need to provide our end-users a delightful data sharing experience, and I get the time back to focus on our core product."

Nima Tayebi, CTO @Mosaic

Saved over 60% on delivery costs with our largest clients

"Osmos saved us over 60% on delivery costs with our largest clients by simply removing tedious copy-paste and manual data wrangling activities. Osmos Pipelines has become a strategic enabler of our global platform, making it easier to bring solutions to our customers, partners, and distributors."

Matt Robinson, CTO, @Rahi

Osmos AI automates the majority of schema mapping. Big fan!

“Our SaaS platform allows customers to understand their data- but we can only do that if we integrate and translate a very long tail of sources and schemas - a painful engineering challenge. Osmos’ bridges the integration gap and their AI even automates the majority of schema mapping. Big fan!”

Aaron White, CTO, @Blissfully

Bring in newer, cleaner, fresher external data