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Automate your data ingestion no matter how it's provided

Equip your teams to automatically handle multiple data scenarios, millions of records, and large file sizes
without code.


One platform to handle multiple
use cases

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A martech company automates ingestion of transaction data via FTP to their API endpoint.

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An eCommerce company automates ingestion of product catalog data from multiple distributors and vendors into their database.

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Supply Chain

A manufacturing company automates the data ingestion of purchase orders from email attachments into Netsuite.

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See how to ingest clean data with no-code pipelines


Prebuilt connectors and apis

Ready to use connectors and APIs

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Automate data imports with our prebuilt connectors and APIs
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Sources include FTP, email attachments, CSV files, Google Drive, APIs, and more
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Only ingest clean data with Osmos Pipelines
osmos quickfixes to clean data

No-code data transformations

Ingest clean data every time

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Automatically clean up and reformat incoming data to match your destination schema
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Never deal with custom scripts and spreadsheets again
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batteries included

Get a heads up if there’s a problem

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Human in the loop automation
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Handle data errors with ease
get notified to resolve errors
schedule automatic data imports

schedule automatic runs

Automate recurring data ingestion to the minute

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No more stale data
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Bring in fresher data on your schedule

bi-directional data sharing

Cross-company data sharing made easy

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Share data with your external partners and customers
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Move faster by sending clean data to your partners
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get notified to resolve errors

It's the little things that make
a big difference

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Support for most file types and sources

CSV, XLS, XLSX, TSV, JSON, Emails, and TXT.

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No-code data transformations

Clean up and restructure your data using column mapping, QuickFixes, AutoClean, formulas, and single-cell edits.

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Prebuilt connectors and APIs

Talk to a wide variety of systems even ones behind firewalls. Get started quickly prebuilt connectors and APIs to systems you use everyday.

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Dedup data before it hits your system

Osmos supports out-of-the box granular deduplication at file level or individual record level.

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Customers send you a zipped file?

No problem - we automatically unzip the file as part of the ingestion process.

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File name filters and prefix

Specify file name patterns at the source or destination, and Osmos will only pick up the ones that meet the criteria, and store the files with specific nomenclature.

Join happy CTOs

1000s of engineering hours saved not building an internal uploader
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"The Osmos Uploader gives us all the features, validations, and customizations we need to provide our customers a delightful data importing experience, and I get the time back to focus on our core product."

nima Tayebi mosaic

Nima Tayebi

CTO, Mosaic
Automates the majority of schema mapping
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“Our SaaS platform allows customers to understand their data, but we can only do that if we integrate and translate a very long tail of sources and schemas - a painful engineering challenge. Osmos’ bridges the integration gap and their AI automates the majority of schema mapping. Big fan!”

aaron white blissfully

Aaron White

CTO, Blissfully
Daily 6 hour data wrangling problem
now done in minutes
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"Osmos saved us over 60% on delivery costs with our largest clients by simply removing tedious copy-paste and manual data wrangling activities. Osmos Pipelines has become a strategic enabler of our global platform, making it easier to bring solutions to our customers, partners, and distributors."

matt robinson rahi systems

Matt Robinson

CTO, Rahi Systems
A turnkey solution to ingest batch and real-time data from our partners seamlessly
Testimonial Image

"Ingesting partner data used to take weeks and required careful coordination between our teams. Totally unscalable given our rapid growth. Osmos provides us a turnkey solution to ingest batch and real-time data from our partners seamlessly. Now my engineering focus goes towards core product improvements and bringing peace of mind to more customers."

Nishant Mathew

CTO, Spot Insurance

Turn data ingestion into a growth lever!

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