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KlickTrack Improves Customer Time-to-Value with Osmos

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Julia Harold
September 1, 2022

KlickTrack delivers best in class POS and inventory management software for cannabis retailers. Founded in 2018 by cannabis retailers and headquartered in Washington state, the KlickTrack team is made up of cannabis industry pioneers bringing a deep understanding to a rapidly growing space. Retailers in this space need to adapt and grow quickly, and KlickTrack offers an all-in-one solution to help companies grow their cannabis business.

Data Onboarding Shouldn’t Be Painful and Slow

Thanks to KlickTrack’s robust solution offering that helps cannabis retailers maximize their sales, the team spends a lot of time onboarding new customers. This process requires migrating customer data from their old POS system to KlickTrack. 

Since the data is coming from different sources, much of it is disparate and needs to be stitched together in a way their system will accept it. Due to the intricacies of cannabis compliance, Bri Williams, a Senior Product Compliance and Research Specialist, has done a lot of data manipulation in this space where it’s important to know all the data relationships. 

But as KlickTrack brought on more and more customers, she had to pull in their Customer Success (CS) team to help cleanup the data. However, the increase of non-technical team members and repeatable processes led to an uptick in data errors. And when the customer data isn’t properly cleaned and validated before entering their POS, not only does it negatively impact the customer experience, but it also lacks traceability for government compliance. 

In order to provide a great customer experience, the KlickTrack team spent their nights and weekends painfully trying to wrangle spreadsheets. This tedious process started to impact business growth as the team was burning out, struggling to onboard new customers in a timely manner.

KlickTrack Streamlines Customer Data Onboarding

To speed up the customer data cleanup process, KlickTrack partnered with Osmos. They quickly customized Osmos Uploaders to automate a majority of the data transformations for their internal teams.

Instead of spending nights and weekends manually cleaning customer data, the KlickTrack team uses Osmos’ AI-powered data transformations to seamlessly cleanup and validate customer data, while avoiding costly human errors for government compliance.

Klicktrack Significantly Decreases the Amount of Time to Onboard Customers with Osmos Uploader

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Since partnering with Osmos, Bri and the KlickTrack team streamlined their customer data onboarding process leading to:

  1. Faster time-to-value for customers: Osmos automated a lot of the manual data wrangling freeing up the Customer Success team to be more hands on and focus their efforts on customer experience.
  2. Reduced data inaccuracies: Osmos’ no-code data transformations offer much needed repeatability that makes it easy for nontechnical, internal users to upload clean, validated data each time.
  3. Improved compliance: With fewer data errors, falling out of compliance due to messy data is no longer a concern. Bri now focuses on more important business matters.

If you’re spending nights and weekends manually cleaning data then learn how Osmos Uploader can accelerate your customer time-to-value, eliminate data errors, and help improve compliance complexities.

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