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Quartzy Scales Their Product Catalog Ingestion Process with Osmos

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Naresh Venkat

Quartzy is a cloud based lab management software and eCommerce distribution platform that helps their customers reach their goals faster. Founded in 2009, the Quarzty team partners with some of the top distributors to offer the best products and prices to their customers.

eCommerce Platform Growth Outpaces Data Ingestion Processes

Quartzy's eCommerce platform has seen exceptional growth in recent years, but this rapid expansion outpaced their existing product data management process. While Quartzy's ERP system effectively managed product data for items in their own warehouses, it stumbled when it came to integrating product catalog data from its rapidly expanding list of drop-shipping suppliers. This gap presented a critical bottleneck in scaling the operations to handle the growth. 

The task of ingesting the third-party product catalog data soon posed a significant challenge. The incoming data required manual verification and cleaning in Excel before it could be integrated into Quartzy's system; a heavily manual process that quickly became unsustainable.

To streamline this workflow, Product Manager, Chloe Larson and the eCommerce Operations team embraced the challenge of learning Python to develop vendor-specific data ingestion scripts. Despite their committed efforts, the complexity of customizing scripts for each unique supplier data format made the process of building, deploying, and maintaining these scripts exceedingly time-consuming.

The challenge was amplified by the sheer volume of some product catalogs, with certain vendors listing over a million products in their catalog! This made script execution for data transformation and loading into the system unwieldy. Troubleshooting became a daunting task, and the team had to vigilantly monitor for errors. Moreover, delays in data processing risked rendering the data obsolete before it could even be utilized, exacerbated by frequent pricing updates and supply chain complications.

“We quickly realized our homegrown solution required too much tweaking and maintenance–it just wasn’t scalable. We needed to find a no-code solution to support our rapid growth.” –Chloe Larson, Product Manager

Quartzy Streamlines Their Product Catalog Data Ingestion Process with Osmos Pipelines

Solution: Osmos Pipelines


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Osmos Pipelines has streamlined Quartzy's data ingestion, freeing Chloe's team to focus on core business activities rather than maintaining complex Python scripts.
  • Rapid Data Ingestion: Quartzy has significantly cut down the time to ingest vendor product catalogs, and accelerated vendor onboarding aligning their data processes with their eCommerce business growth.
  • Empowered Ops team: With Osmos, the eCommerce Ops team independently manages product catalog ingestion, eliminating reliance on the development team or the need for coding skills.

Osmos streamlined Quartzy's data ingestion by automating the cumbersome transform and load steps. This not only accelerated Quartzy's product catalog data ingestion from various vendors but also alleviated the operational strain on the eCommerce Ops team.

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If your teams are bogged by Excel data wrangling or complex Python scripts for third-party data ingestion, Osmos presents a scalable AI-powered solution to enhance your process.

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Naresh Venkat

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