Devs have better things to do than write API clients

Streamline data ingestion with pre-built integrations that can read from and write to a variety of systems.
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Integrations built specifically for incoming data
Supercharge your implementation and operations teams to ingest data independently
Custom, no-code APIs icon

Custom, no-code APIs

Generate API endpoints within Osmos and share them with your customers and partners for secure data ingestion without wasting engineering cycles.

Ingest Data from Emails

Your customers are already sending data as email attachments. Skip the manual download and cleanup and automate the whole process with Osmos Pipelines.

Icon Ingest Data from Emails
Upload and clean data icon

Upload and clean data

Upload clean data from CSV, XLS, XLSX, TSV, JSON, and TXT files directly into your operational systems with support for unlimited sized files for both Osmos Uploader and Osmos Pipelines.

Get cleaned data where it needs to go and fast
Dedupe data icon
Dedupe Data Before It Hits Your System
We support out-of-the-box granular deduplication at the file level or individual record level
Zipped File icon
Zipped File? No Problem.
Osmos automatically unzips files as part of the ingestion process
File name icon
File Name Filters and Prefixes
Specify file name patterns at the source or destination, and Osmos will only pick up ones that meet your criteria and store the files with specific nomenclature

Empower your frontline teams to work with complex relational data.

Gather, store, and aggregate data before taking it to your end system.

Learn how to ingest clean data into your operational systems