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Customer Success Stories

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Mosaic Protects Product Roadmap and Saves Months by Not Building Internal Import Tool

SaaS companies often have a wide range of customers that need to upload files. However, there is often no consistency in file format, fields, and values within the cells.

With Osmos Uploader, Mosaic found a faster way to configure and embed a smart data uploader right into their application, while still being able to handle multiple data importing scenarios.

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Rahi Saves 60+ Hours/Week by Automating Data Cleanup and Ingestion

Ingesting external data from distributors and partners into operational systems is a tough and painful process. It’s a problem that is ubiquitous, persistent, and operationally very expensive and inefficient.

Rahi’s engineering team solved this problem by quickly building no-code data pipelines to automate the painful data cleanup and ingestion process without writing a line of code.

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KlickTrack Improves Customer Time-to-Value with Osmos

KlickTrack's teams spend a lot of time onboarding new customers, which requires migrating customer data from their old POS system to KlickTrack.

Osmos automated a lot of the manual data wrangling freeing up the Customer Success team to be more hands on and focus their efforts on customer experience.


Osmos Video Overviews

Osmos Uploader for Self-Serve Data Onboarding

Osmos Uploader come with a simple, intuitive UI that focuses on empowering users to upload clean data no matter their technical expertise.

Osmos Pipelines for Automated Data Ingestion

Empower your customers and partners to send you clean data no matter their technical expertise.

Build vs Buy Guide

Before you jump headfirst into building your own solution, we’ve outlined 11 of the important variables to consider.


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