Osmos: Breaking Down Cross-Company Data Silos

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Kirat Pandya
July 28, 2021

Back in 2016, my co-founder Naresh and I, through a stroke of luck, landed on the same team at Google Cloud. Our team’s mission was to help companies adopt cutting edge Machine Learning technologies into their core business processes. Over the next 3+ years, we worked with organizations of every size and industry. Every single one of our customers was struggling with the challenges of data — from cleanup and ingestion to deriving meaning from data.

Data sharing across companies is on the rise—but still takes way too long

During our time there, we observed three major trends: 

  • Companies have increasing numbers of “data relationships” where they need to share data with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • The volume, variety, and velocity of data are increasing
  • The number of data sources and destinations are increasing

Most teams are reducing the problem to the lowest common denominator of trading FTP+CSVs and PDFs files and then manually uploading data into their system—a terrible experience for all parties involved. These old ways are archaic and expensive, involving a lot of project management, a hodgepodge of tools, custom glue code, and a ton of developer time. Other SaaS products have tried to improve various parts of this process, but no one has taken a holistic approach that moves the needle in terms of abandoning these manual processes.

This is becoming more of a time stuck due to the increase in data relationships, but with the advances in no-code and AI it can be dramatically simplified. 

Messy External Data > Osmos > Your Product

Our goal is to eliminate these data silos so applications talk directly to each other across company boundaries. Fast forward to today, and we’ve raised $13M in funding, led by Raviraj Jain from Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from CRV (Devdutt Yellurkar and Murat Bicer), Pear (Mar Hershenson), and SV Angel (Topher Conway).

Nowhere is this data silo problem more painful than when onboarding customers. One of the biggest challenges is populating your product with your customer's live data as quickly as possible, so that they can start using it, have that “aha” moment and see the value. We’ve solved this.

Osmos takes the pain out of importing messy customer data into your operational system

With Osmos, customers can onboard into your product with just a few clicks. You can give your customers a simple, no-code experience to bring in data directly from their systems without a single line of code. If, instead, you prefer to have your onboarding teams manage the process, they can build pipelines directly to customer data, also without any code, in minutes.

Powering Osmos is a real-time, AI-powered data transformation engine that lets end users easily teach the system how to clean up data. To be more specific, we’re driving progress in an area of Machine Learning called Program Synthesis to enable end users to transform data with just a few examples in our UI.

How to use Osmos

We’ve launched 2 products:

  1. Osmos Pipelines: Provide your onboarding team with a no-code ETL to bring in customer data into your product in a few clicks—no matter the format.
  2. Osmos Uploader: Directly embed a button in your product to empower your customers to self-service clean up, transform, and upload their raw data easily.

With both products, Osmos will automatically learn complex transforms including conditionals (if/else), complex multi-column joins, and splits (Last Name, First Name -> First, Last). Osmos will also ensure that the data that is uploaded is not just schematically valid, but also passes any business rules you define. 

Here are some examples of how customers are using it:

  • A CRM system adds an onboarding button to make it easier for new customer lists to be added from any source.
  • An eCommerce company automates ingestion of product catalog data from multiple distributors and vendors.
  • A manufacturing customer ingests email attachments into their EDI system.

Get started today

There are countless data types that you can now easily move into your system. We are hard at work continuing to break down the barriers to moving data seamlessly from one system to another. We can’t wait to see what you will do with Osmos. You can get started today.

And of course, with this new funding, we will be growing the team - view our open roles

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Kirat Pandya

CEO & Co-founder