Osmos Joins Microsoft’s Pegasus Program to Bring Generative AI to Enterprise Data Ingestion

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Kirat Pandya
October 23, 2023

The team and I are excited to announce that Osmos has recently been accepted into the Microsoft Pegasus Program. We are honored to be selected for this prestigious program as part of our ongoing work to improve our generative AI capabilities to make data ingestion more accessible.

What is the Microsoft Pegasus Program?

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Pegasus Program, an extension of their Startup Founders Hub. The program is a two-year, invite-only incubator to support startups building AI solutions and selling to large enterprises in the current economic climate where funding is harder and harder to come by. 

Why Osmos?

Osmos was chosen from thousands of startups because we are solving business critical functions for enterprise customers. Data ingestion challenges can slow customer and partner activation making Osmos a mission critical solution for many businesses even in this current, capital-constrained environment. 

Plus, Generative AI is at the forefront of industry transformation, and Osmos is one of the companies leading the charge innovating in this space. Microsoft recognizes data ingestion as a particularly promising domain for AI application. We are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft in this endeavor.

What does this mean for our customers?

For Osmos customers using Azure, one of the primary benefits for our customers is that Osmos and your Azure sales team can work hand in hand to support you. Additionally, you're now able to procure Osmos directly from the Azure Marketplace or utilize your Azure commitments to purchase an Osmos subscription to take immediate advantage of this partnership.  

For customers not using Azure, we now work with Microsoft to better meet the needs of enterprise customers. Our goal is to deliver a top-tier enterprise experience tailored to your needs.

Plans for the future?

We’ve been assigned an advisor and success manager to ensure we have the resources we need to help us and our customers be successful. This includes dedicated resources to ensure our technical success as we make strides to apply generative AI to data ingestion solutions.

Our collaboration extends to Azure counterparts, so we can better serve customers across various industry verticals and the generative AI tech stack. 

We are excited to be working closely with Microsoft as we continue to grow and better serve our customers. Please reach out to with any questions.

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Kirat Pandya

CEO & Co-founder