Osmos Leads Industry with GPT-4-Driven Data Transformation

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Julia Harold
March 30, 2023

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Seattle, WA |  March 30, 2023 

Osmos, a leader in no-code data ingestion technologies, announced today the release of its GPT-4-assisted data ingestion functionality. This most recent update to Osmos’s powerful data transformation toolset further accelerates the data ingestion process by harnessing GPT-4’s powerful large language models (LLMs), allowing users to execute data cleaning, data mapping, and data wrangling tasks using natural language instructions. 

This is big news for implementation and operations teams. With this move, Osmos further accelerates data ingestion by empowering individuals across the organization to facilitate data ingestion without the assistance of developers or engineers.

Organizations are increasingly turning to LLMs to ramp up a variety of capabilities. Business leaders have approached the subject of AI and data with caution, citing the tendency for AI to make minor errors, creating validation challenges. This new Osmos release embraces GPT-4’s most valued capabilities while enacting safeguards to ensure the AI never acts alone. Popularly referred to as Explainable AI, the process places the user squarely at the center of the task in a supervisory role, with AI at the flanks.

Rather than applying AI to the data, Osmos applies AI to the data transformation challenge in a move that transcends autofill capabilities and calls on natural language processing (NLP) to do the heavy lifting in record time.

Kirat Pandya, CEO of Osmos, elaborated on the challenge, stating, “The issue with most AI today is that it's a black box. When you have an AI operate directly on data, there is no way to explain why it executed the job the way it did, and quickly locate the errors.” 

“In tasking the AI to generate complex formulas with human oversight, we can operate on millions and millions of rows of data without vastly increasing costs. Other AI-driven approaches fall short because the computation is cost prohibitive and validation is time-consuming. Today, we have solved both problems. ”

About Osmos

Osmos empowers implementation and operations teams to independently accelerate data ingestion processes while improving data quality. With AI-powered data transformations, Osmos makes data ingestion easy, fast, and error-free, so your frontline teams can rapidly activate customers and partners by automating the cleanup of messy data. We are committed to creating a world where anyone can work with data regardless of technical proficiency. 

Osmos is backed by world-class investors like Lightspeed, CRV, Pear and SVAngel, and helps democratize data ingestion for companies like Netflix, Rakuten, and Taxbit.

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