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Supercharging Data Ingestion Across Industries with Osmos

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Naresh Venkat
January 30, 2024

Three key learnings from this article:

  1. Many industries and service sectors experience similar data ingestion challenges. Those challenges include data bottlenecks, non-uniform sources, and messy data.
  2. Osmos’s flexible tools are the go-to resource for organizations across industries looking to streamline and accelerate data ingestion.
  3. Companies trust Osmos to pinpoint the right solution to transition from dev-driven to ops-driven data ingestion. 

Whether it’s fintech, healthcare, retail, or human resources, organizations across industries struggle to take data ingestion head-on. Many strive to accelerate data mapping and data transformation but don’t know how to approach these challenges. 

Unaddressed data ingestion issues create a ripple effect across the org, resulting in internal frustration and customer grievances. While many business teams struggle with manual data cleanup, others suffer through long turnaround times for engineering support, resulting in compromised customer service. 

Today, companies of all sizes rely on engineering and dev teams to build custom scripts when onboarding a unique partner or vendor. At the same time, decision-makers in operations seek out better workflows.

We’ve identified common data ingestion situations across industries and service sectors to illustrate how simple it is to implement Osmos solutions, solving even the most complex data challenges. Let’s take a look.

Financial Services

Data Transformation in Currency Trading

FinTech firms must operate at the speed of the market. Quickly and accurately aggregating sensitive financial data across regions is a must for currency traders. No team can afford the cost of human error. A leading Forex firm leveraged Osmos’s depth of services to automate and optimize its data ingestion and transformation processes, immediately boosting profits on FX spreads.

The Challenge: Aggregating masses of data from non-uniform sources

The Solution: Osmos Datasets, Uploader, and Pipelines

The Result: Increased speed and accuracy

Optimized data ingestion accelerates market responsiveness
Optimized data ingestion accelerates market responsiveness

Data Ingestion in Tax Preparation and Accounting 

Messy data situations call for comprehensive solutions. When data transformation and reconciliation got overwhelming, a prominent accounting firm tasked Osmos with helping untether their dev-driven processes and automate data ingestion. This allowed frontline teams to refocus their efforts. By owning data ingestion, they accelerated onboarding and increased customer satisfaction.

The Challenge: Ingesting messy data from disparate sources

The Solution: Osmos Pipelines

The Result: Empowered implementation and onboarding teams

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Benefits & HR

Data Ingestion in Benefits Enrollment

A leading health benefits aggregator specializes in connecting individuals and families to the proper care. This critical work requires ingesting live data from healthcare partners, insurers, and customers’ HR systems with no room for error. They tapped Osmo's suite of services to streamline the benefits enrollment process to solve their most demanding data ingestion challenges. 

First, Osmos helped them decouple their developer resources from data ingestion. Next, they automated the process of ingesting customer data from carriers and benefits administrators using Osmos Uploader for one-time data ingestion and Pipelines for recurring needs.

The Challenge: Automating data ingestion

The Solution: Osmos Uploader and Pipelines

The Result: Accelerated data ingestion

Data Ingestion and Data Aggregation in Employee Benefits Services

With the goal of simplifying business processes for employers, benefits brokers, and carriers, a leading benefits administration firm sought to streamline its data ingestion processes. The company successfully leveraged Osmos tools to accelerate data aggregation, which included consolidated billing, invoicing, and reconciliation. 

The Challenge: Data transformation, data mapping, data cleaning, and aggregation

The Solution: Osmos Uploader

The Result: Accelerated data ingestion and aggregation

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Retail & eCommerce

Graphic representing moving from a messy flow of data managed manually to a more streamlined automated process
Don’t let data ingestion become a roadblock to growth

Data Ingestion in eCommerce

A popular eCommerce company hit an all too common data roadblack. They were taking on new suppliers by the minute, but the company’s existing ERP wasn’t built to ingest third-party product catalogs. To have their new partners drop ship merchandise, they needed to quickly revamp existing data ingestion processes.

They looked to Osmos's flexible tools to automate data transformation and scale data ingestion. Prebuilt connectors in Osmos Pipelines allowed their ops teams to independently own data ingestion processes without dev intervention. 

The Challenge: Ingesting more customer, vendor, and partner data 

The Solution: Osmos Pipelines

The Result: Streamlined product catalog data management at scale

Data Ingestion in Retail

An international megaretailer was looking to overhaul its data processes. Their goal – end-to-end automation. They needed a tool that could bend and flex to suit the diversity of platforms in their tech stack. Osmos was up for the task.

Using a single tool, Osmos Pipelines, they were able to overhaul data ingestion processes across the org, pulling customer data from third-party tools, streamlining how they received and handled customer orders, and accelerating order cancellation response times. All without the involvement of data teams. Now, frontline teams oversee these data processes but never actually touch the data.

The Challenge: Managing tons of interdepartmental data 

The Solution: Osmos Pipelines

The Result: Streamlined data ingestion workflows and accelerated data processes

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Ingestion in Manufacturing Supply Chain

A leading automobile parts manufacturer needed to break free from existing workflows that limited their ability to acquire, process, and upload Supplier Delivery Promises (SDP).

To increase resource visibility and efficiency, they needed a production plan that considered key restrictions and could simulate scenarios with long-term visibility. 

Enter Osmos. Using Omsos Pipelines, they created new automated data ingestion workflows that transformed vendor files into a standard template, improving end-to-end planning, forecasting capabilities, and shortage detection. 

The Challenge: Handling mismatched schema and streamlining complex processes

The Solution: Osmos Pipelines

The Result:  SDP Automation

Data Ingestion in Supply Chain & Logistics

Plagued by frequent escalations, a data center supply chain and logistics solutions provider needed to accelerate engagements and remove touchpoints in their manual data ingestion processes. They aimed to let technology drive data movement so their teams could better focus on customer needs.

By automating complex data ingestion tasks, this firm keeps total cost of ownership (TCO) low and efficiently manages touchpoints with valuable suppliers, vendors, and partners. 

The Challenge: Streamlining data ingestion processes

The Solution: Osmos Pipelines

The Result: Purchase order and pricing automation

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Graphic showing complex healthcare connections
Automating data ingestion lightens the load for business teams

Data Ingestion in Food Safety Testing 

A global food safety testing organization knew its manual data ingestion process was hurting customer satisfaction. Their ultimate goal was to accelerate internal processes and streamline data ingestion for customers, suppliers, and labs.

They tapped Osmos Pipelines to supercharge data ingestion with automated workflows that mapped unique testing data to suit each vendor, partner, and supplier.

The Challenge: Ingest messy data from a variety of unique sources

The Solution: Osmos Pipelines

The Result: Reduce time and effort in data ingestion

Data Ingestion in Healthcare Data Services

A large not-for-profit healthcare alliance collects data from millions of practitioners to connect medical providers and health plans. They needed to streamline data management and eliminate human error in order to grow. Bound by strict regulatory and compliance standards, their data ingestion woes started with trust. They needed to be certain they were accurately capturing data from every source.

They leveraged Osmos Pipelines to ingest massive data sets efficiently and accurately map data from a variety of non-uniform sources. They eliminated the data onboarding bottleneck and implemented new automated data ingestion workflows. Frontline teams now spend fewer hours troubleshooting operating as data ingestion oversight, not intervention. 

The Challenge: Accelerate data ingestion at scale

The Solution: Osmos Uploader

Customer need: Accurately ingest and transform complex data

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