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Osmos Offers Powerful Data Ingestion Tools for Healthcare

Written by 
Naresh Venkat
December 19, 2023

Three Key learnings from this article:

  1. When clunky data processes create onboarding bottlenecks, look to Osmos solutions to streamline and accelerate data ingestion.
  2. Health and safety organizations trust Osmos Uploader and Pipelines to accelerate data ingestion, increasing efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Automated data ingestion workflows liberate front-line teams, allowing them to focus on customer satisfaction rather than managing manual data work.

Accelerating data ingestion and customer satisfaction 

Service sector: Food Safety Testing

Data ingestion challenge: Ingest messy data from a variety of unique sources

Customer need: Reduce time and effort in data ingestion

A global food safety testing organization regularly works with manufacturers, retailers, and food processors to ensure essential test result data moves seamlessly from the lab to the customer. To better execute this very important work, the organization sought to streamline its data delivery process and fully automate data ingestion.

Graphic demonstrating a data pipeline and accelerating data ingestion
Data Ingestion Process

Initially, implementation and customer service teams manually managed the data ingestion process. Automating multi-step data delivery was an ambitious undertaking since not all customers required the same level of effort. They hoped to implement a more flexible experience that could scale from self-serve for simple use cases to providing a high-touch experience for customers with complex needs. 

The Goal: Streamline data ingestion for customers, suppliers, and labs, as well as accelerate internal processes.

Solution: Osmos Pipelines helps propel business for health & safety organizations worldwide. Customers supercharge data ingestion with automated workflows that feature customized Pipelines mapped to suit each unique vendor, partner, and supplier.

This organization’s new, fully automated workflow levels up the customer experience while increasing efficiency and consistency. Frontline teams save countless hours by going from human-powered to human-in-the-loop data ingestion.

Making valuable connections happen in healthcare

Service sector: Healthcare Data Services

Data ingestion challenge: Accelerate data ingestion at scale

Customer need: Accurately ingest and transform complex data

A large not-for-profit healthcare alliance collects data to connect medical providers and health plans. Their mission is to reduce administrative costs, increase accuracy, and streamline processes industry-wide. With millions of practitioners submitting information to the portal, the alliance needed to streamline data management in order to grow. 

Bound by strict regulatory and compliance standards, the masses of data they received came with hyper-specific rules attached. They needed to eliminate human error and be certain they were capturing data accurately from every source.

In order to take on more providers and clinics, they started with data automation and standardization of all data processes. These efforts would be critical to meeting their mission.

Graphic showing complex healthcare connections
Making Complex Healthcare Connections

Their Goal:  To streamline the process of making quality healthcare connections by increasing the quantity and quality of data transformations.

Solution: Complex data transformations are no match for Osmos Uploader. Healthcare organizations trust Osmos to efficiently ingest massive data sets and accurately map data from non-uniform sources with human oversight, not human intervention. 

By eliminating the data onboarding bottleneck, this organization can now connect more health plans with more providers than ever before. That means seamless customer experiences and fewer hours spent troubleshooting.

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Naresh Venkat

Co-founder and COO