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Accelerate Data Ingestion in Retail and eCommerce with Osmos

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Naresh Venkat
December 22, 2023

Three Key learnings from this article:

  1. Osmos helps Retail and eCommerce organizations solve their biggest data ingestion challenges with AI-powered tools that scale.
  2. Osmos empowers teams to uncouple data ingestion processes from developer and engineering resources.
  3. Leveraging Osmos helps eCommerce organizations automate data ingestion tasks so they can focus on doing business at scale.

Managing Third-Party Product Data at Scale

Service sector: eCommerce

Data ingestion challenge: Ingesting more customer, vendor, and partner data 

Customer need: Product catalog data management at scale

Rapid growth is thrilling but is not without its struggles. But for a popular eCommerce company, the road to growth was mired in custom scripts and manual data processes. They had taken on a slew of new suppliers, many of whom had agreed to drop ship merchandise directly to consumers. This boon was something of a blessing and a curse. The company’s ERP was managing its own inventory, but it wasn’t built to ingest third-party product catalogs. The team quickly found themselves in a bind.

Graphic representing tons of supplier product data needing ingesting

Ingesting an unruly amount of supplier product data had overwhelmed their existing processes and their internal teams. The Operations and Product teams solicited the help of a Senior Backend Developer to write vendor-specific scripts in Python, hoping customization would solve their data ingestion woes. As it turned out, training the individual scripts and then getting the data into the correct schema just wasn’t fast enough to sustain the increased demand. 

Solution: Revamp existing processes and improve data quality using Osmos tools to automate data transformation and scale data ingestion with prebuilt connectors in Osmos Pipelines. Ops teams can now own the data ingestion process without the need for dev intervention.

Seamlessly moving data throughout the Org.

Service sector: Retail, eCommerce

Data ingestion challenge: Managing tons of interdepartmental data 

Customer need: Streamlining and automating processes

An international megaretailer struggled to get a handle on its massive data ingestion needs. From order intake and cancelation management to finance and commission tracking, their data ingestion woes grew as the company scaled.

To expand into a new region, they needed to eliminate manual processes and streamline how they received and handled customer orders. To maintain their close relationship with a large online retail partner, they needed to accelerate order cancellation response times. To accurately track funding approvals and declines, they need to overhaul data ingestion processes.

Graphic representing moving from a messy flow of data managed manually to a more streamlined automated process

The Goal: End-to-end automation. Their needs were so varied they weren’t confident that a single solution could do the job.

Solution: Retail and eCommerce companies leverage Osmos Pipelines to accelerate data ingestion at scale. Execute daily data ingestion tasks seamlessly and pull customer data from third-party tools without the involvement of data teams.

This organization was able to fully automate its manual data management tasks to the degree that frontline teams oversee the process but never actually touch the data. Osmos gives organizations the freedom to manage masses of data without tying up valuable resources.

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Naresh Venkat

Co-founder and COO