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The Most Powerful Data Importer for Complex Data Ingestion

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Kirat Pandya
October 4, 2022

It’s 9am on Wednesday morning. You’re sipping hot coffee as you skim work emails and Slack. But your smooth transition into the day is suddenly derailed. A customer’s data migration that should have been completed last week, is further delayed!

Hours go by. You slog through several spreadsheets of data dumps, and your frustration mounts as you think, “Our teams can’t keep doing this — it’s a non-scalable time-suck. Surely, there's a better way.” 

Sound familiar? You're not alone. Whether you have tens or thousands of customers, the time to ingest customer data compounds beyond control, especially with data complexity.

89% of customers go through an onboarding experience that creates friction and frustration, and as a result, 13% choose to switch to a competitor. And yet, 97% of companies say a good user onboarding is necessary for a product’s growth.

Migrations are often complex, needing to ingest multiple, often large, datasets. File sizes can run into Gigabytes, with 100+ columns. Data often needs transformation, and format changes. Simple data import solutions don’t cut it anymore. They look pretty, but can’t handle the complexity. You need a powerful, yet simple to use solution.  

All too often, there’s a disconnect between the amount of time and skills needed to ingest customer data and the impact on business growth. We refer to this as data's "first mile problem" and it's an all-too-common reality for modern businesses.

At Osmos, we believe there is a better way. Osmos is built on the idea that technology and AI should enable humans to accomplish more. We have powerful AI-powered data cleanup features (QuickFixes, SmartFill, Formulas, etc.) that customer success and data teams use every day to clean up millions of rows and hundreds of columns of messy data. We don't shy away from exposing knobs and controls for tech savvy users to solve complex data migration problems.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that our powerful single-file data ingestion product, Osmos Uploader, just got simpler.

Simplicity meets AI-powered data cleanup

The redesigned Osmos Uploader is intended to make the data upload experience completely self-service for end-users, no matter their technical ability. 

But don’t mistake simplicity for loss of power. It's a balancing act to ensure data quality despite simplifying the experience. Most data tools lose fidelity when you ask them to turn down UI complexity. This only moves the dirty data problem back in house to your CS team. 

Osmos guarantees the same data quality regardless if you use the new experience or Advanced Mode.

Single-click data clean up

We’re introducing single-click data clean up for a true self-serve experience. Using a mix of AI, heuristics, and business rule validations, the new Osmos Uploader experience is designed to enable your customers to upload clean data with a few clicks.

Support 10GB+ file uploads

In effort to help you scale your data ingestion, Osmos Uploader can support 10GB+ file uploads. Plus Osmos Pipelines can run massive 100GB+ files. We improved upload performance to provide you with powerful solutions to your complex data ingestion challenges.

Spreadsheet view

We decided to bring a spreadsheet view to Osmos. After you’ve cleaned your data, you’re able to edit single-cells just like you would in a spreadsheet. Plus, you can review your data in a familiar spreadsheet format before submitting it. This review step offers you and your users a little extra peace of mind when uploading data.

osmos spreadsheet view

Advanced Mode for Power Users

But not to worry, power users. You can turn on Advanced Mode to regain the features and control you know and love from Osmos.

We also added configurability to let your devs inject their own intelligence into the cleanup process. This ensures that you are ingesting data exactly how you need it. 

Solve Data’s First Mile Problem with Osmos

The first mile of customer data ingestion doesn’t have to be tedious, slow, and expensive. Simplify your process and grow your business with Osmos.

Learn how to get started with Osmos!

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Kirat Pandya

CEO & Co-founder