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5 Easy Ways to Accelerate Data Ingestion

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Julia Harold
August 22, 2023

1. Democratize your data ingestion 

Without industry standards for data exchange, every customer, vendor, and partner becomes its own data source serving up data in unique shapes and formats. It’s no wonder data ingestion now takes up roughly one-quarter of our time

Data democratization is a simple concept. Make the data your organization receives or collects accessible to the average user without gatekeepers or barriers hindering the process.  Give your implementation and operations teams the autonomy they seek.

Implementation and operations professionals should be able to receive any data file in any format and proceed with ingesting, cleaning, and validating it without submitting a ticket for additional help. They shouldn’t need to know Python or SQL. Fortunately, there are tools that make this idea a reality. Read on to learn more.

2. Find a data importer that suits your needs

There are many factors at play when deciding whether or not to build or buy a data importer. While dedicating serious resources to a build may work for some organizations, if you’re like most, your engineers are already spread thin. Unless building data tools is a part of your core business, buying a data importer is a more attractive solution.

In an ideal world, the teams that receive data would be the teams that validate it. This common sense approach is often overlooked. There is tremendous value in being able to understand the intricacies of customer, vendor, and partner data. If implementation and operations work closely with the customers who share the data, they’ll be most familiar with the content, they’ll know the context of the schema, and understand the value of the data to the business unit.

The data ingestion solution you choose should get the job done with the resources you have. As messy as customer data is, no team has time to correct an endless sea of errors. Prioritize finding an easy-to-use, no-code data importer that any employee can use, no matter their technical ability. 

3. Automate data ingestion processes whenever possible

The manual work of bringing in customer, vendor, and partner data isn’t for the faint of heart. Many teams execute these processes day in and day out, not knowing they can easily automate their data ingestion. If you know where your data lies and where it needs to go, you can probably automate all or part of the process. Automating data ingestion can be as simple as building an Osmos Pipeline. Select your source, connect your the desired destination, map, transform, and let automation take care of the rest.

4. Simplify data cleaning and validation

It’s safe to say gnarly problems with external data will persist. So businesses must look for tools that transcend the status quo without increasing resources or building costly proprietary tools. 

AI-powered data transformations are the key to eliminating countless hours of manual work. Implementation and onboarding teams now have the power to restructure, clean, and validate customer, vendor, and partner data using Osmos’s no-code transformation engine. This is the kind of autonomy teams are begging for. Why not give them what they want?

5. Accelerate data transformation to improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction often depends on quick, accurate data onboarding. We’re talking financial data, product data, app-to-app migrations, and data your teams receive from customers, vendors, or partners. Migrations, for example, are among the most complex undertakings executed under the watchful eye of new customers. The risk of losing contracts is real. Poor execution can sour client relationships in the blink of an eye. 

This is why the data ingestion tool you choose matters. The customer onboarding experience is already fraught. Data almost always needs heavy preparation, transformation, formatting, and cleaning before it can be put to good use. A spreadsheet-based, intuitive UI makes data ingestion a familiar task that any implementation specialist or operations team member can take on. 

Osmos’s AI-powered data transformation tools are exactly what frontline teams need to accelerate customer onboarding. When you empower your frontline teams to independently manage the data onboarding process, you not only increase customer satisfaction, you speed up activation times, free up resources, and accelerate time to value.


Osmos empowers implementation and operations teams to independently accelerate data ingestion processes while improving data quality. We make data ingestion easy, fast, and error-free, so your frontline teams can rapidly activate customers and partners by automating the cleanup of messy data. 

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