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B2B data sharing that's as seamless and simple as sending a Slack message.

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Harnessing the power of external data

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Boost outcomes

External data changes the game across a variety of business functions

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Break silos

Enable devs and product leaders to clean and import external data from customers and partners

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Unlock growth

Successfully integrate a broad spectrum of external data into your operations to unlock growth

Simplify your­ data sharing­ experience

Say hello to simplified data onboarding


Select the source and destination

Osmos provides prebuilt connectors and APIs for the most common data warehouses and apps, so you can get up and running quickly.

No code, data wrangling

Eliminate manual entry and custom scripts. Transform data from any source with only a few examples and formulas, no code required.

Resolve data errors quickly
Resolve data errors quickly

Built-in exception management feedback loop

Get notified, resolve errors, and maintain transformations with ease.

Set it and forget it

Automate cross-company data sharing by turning it into scheduled data pipelines.

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Osmos automates the majority of schema mapping. Big fan!

“Our SaaS platform allows customers to understand their data- but we can only do that if we integrate and translate a very long tail of sources and schemas - a painful engineering challenge. Osmos’ bridges the integration gap and their AI even automates the majority of schema mapping. Big fan!”

~Aaron White, CTO, @Blissfully

Say goodbye to data wrangling, custom scripts, and building connectors.

Data importing solutions for the modern company

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Osmos Uploader

for end users

Empower customers to send you clean data every time with embeddable smart uploaders.

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Osmos Pipelines

for internal teams

Automate data imports from any source in minutes, without writing code.

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Use Cases

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A distributor simplifies how it ingests product, pricing data from their customers (manufacturers) and makes curated inventory data available to their channel partners.

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An eCommerce company automates ingestion of product catalog data from multiple distributors and vendors.

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Real Estate

A real-estate company creates a real-time data pipeline to ingest property listings from property owners and realtors.

Bring in newer, cleaner, fresher external data